Next Generation Steel Buildings Gabel

The Gabled End style steel building has two sloping roof sides that come together at a ridge, creating end walls with a triangular shape at the top. That triangular shape is actually the gable.

The Gable style building is the most cost effective and versatile. Looking for a taller building with more open space in the second story? This is a probably your best choice with the benefits of design flexibility.

Next Generation Steel Buildings - Gable End


  • Two Tone Waincoating at the Bottom to Match
  • Large Doors to Put in Bigger Trucks or Tractors
  • The Design of This Building is Well Suited for Farm Equipment or Possibly a Shop
  • Hay Storage
Next Generation Steel Buildings - Gable End


  • Over Head Door in Both Ends for Cross Ventilation
  • This is a Wood Carving Shop
  • Plywood Roofing with Metal on Top for Greater Strength
  • Vents were Placed in the Gabled Ends to Reduce Even More Condensation from Drying Wood
Next Generation Steel Buildings - Gable End


  • Excellent Option for a Professional Looking Warehouse with Good Street Appeal
  • Awning Adds Character as Well as Shelter from the Weather
  • Many Siding Options Including Non-Metal, Modern Options
  • Large Doors can be Placed in Any Bay, not Just in Center