Zac Stephenson heads up Next Generation Steel Buildings. He is in charge of ensuring quality of output no matter the project. He is involved at the planning level of projects and remains a consistent on-site presence throughout the project. Zac has the invaluable ability to translate a client’s want or need into a reality. He excels at articulating concepts and educating clients, so they can make empowered and informed decisions.

How does he do all that and keep the business running? Colleen, his wife of almost 30 years, provides the necessary behind the scenes support that keep a business running smoothly.

While Zac may seem all business, don’t let that fool you, he enjoys his Hot Wheels Car Collection, working on his VW Rat Rod Bug, Biking and many other outdoor activities.

One of Zac’s other passions is, Boy Scouts of America, where he has volunteered for 26 years and helped more than 18 young men become Eagle Scouts (including 3 of his own).

Zac is rarely at rest. He is constantly looking to identify more efficient tools and opportunities to better the direction of the company. His mixed background of construction and design allows him to look at the functionality of the building on a wider scale and make suggestions with the client’s best interest at hand.

With 20 years of construction industry experience Zac’s ability to deliver accurate budgets has earned him a reputation as an ethical, hardworking and easy to get-along-with business owner.

Zac is a mad scientist who combines the right mix of knowledge, design strategy, and experience. His unrivaled vision and leadership keeps the company and our quality of work top-notch.

Colleen Stephenson acts as Marketing and Accounts Manager of Next Generation Steel Buildings, Inc. She mirrors her husband Zac’s integrity and professionalism in a way that keeps things running smoothly and seamlessly behind the scenes.

As the office manager, she provides operational support, keeps the music flowing within the business, much like her passion for playing the piano.

Getting all the moving parts of Next Generation Steel Buildings, Inc. creates a rhythm that keeps the office flowing, and Colleen enjoys being the one who keeps tasks on target with an upbeat, dependable, and “can-do” attitude.

With a background as a support specialist before getting involved in the company, she lends that extra effort that makes Next Generation Steel Buildings, Inc. shine.

Stann is a strong project leader at Next Generation Steel Buildings and wears multiple hats. His role encompasses a range of responsibilities including everything from project management, to actual hands-on labor. Stann works closely with the company’s leadership team to develop highly effective processes and constant analysis of the efficiency of production. In addition to overseeing projects, Stann helps manage and motivate staff and cultivate an exceptional work environment.

When Stann isn’t on a job site, most likely he’ll be found working with Boy Scouts of America, where he has volunteered for 21 years. His own boys are in the Cub program.

Stann also thoroughly enjoys the outdoors from boating to camping and even wake boarding. When asked, Stan’s friends describe him a loyal, dedicated, honest and always willing to go the extra mile. In fact, one friend said they needed a new roof on their house in order to sell it. Not only did Stann come and help, he brought his 5 brothers and they helped get the job done!

Stann brings more than 15 years of experience managing people, projects and resources. Whether it’s working with customers, directing workers or leading Cub Scouts, Stann works hard to serve others. Nothing creates as much job satisfaction as looking back at a completed build and knowing that this project can have a lasting positive impact on the lives of customers.

Josh is a local Oregonian that has a strong influence in Next Generation Steel Buildings. His role as a valuable problem solver has earned him the respect of his co-workers. Hard working in the steel building industry, he has trained and mentored new employees with working skills that has enabled company growth.

Josh brings a background of 11 years in the home remodeling industry and his passion for automotive restoration. His current project? A 1968 LS1 Pontiac Firebird. And he enjoys the details behind steel building just as much.

Passionate about the minute leads well into customer service. Mastering the art of customer needs makes him the team player others notice and appreciate.

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