What is the gauge of your steel frame?
It ranges between 18 gauge (thinner) and 12 gauge (thicker). What gauge steel we use depends on the size of the structure and its purpose.

How long does the process take?
Our company offers a full service opportunity….from design to build to consulting services. Typical kit takes 3 to 6 weeks, from design to delivery, depending on your local permit process. Custom projects are longer.

Can I build this system by myself?
YES! With a basic constructions knowledge and proper tools, this system was designed with the DIY owner in mind.

What options do you offer?
We offer many building TYPES (garages, outbuildings, barns, wood sheds, storage units, shops, etc). We also offer 3 building STYLES (Gambrel, American Barn, Gabled). In addition, we offer a wide range of colors for your siding, trims and roof.

How does it compare to pole barns?
Actually, we are comparing apples and oranges here. All steel vrs wood. The plus to steel is there is no rot, no bugs, and your structure appreciates in value. Pole barns do not add value from a land appraisers perspective.

Do I need concrete?
Yes. But you don’t have to. You can have a slab, pillars, or heavy foundation. It depends on the usage of the building. When you work with Zac, he will discuss what options are best for your structure.

How do I go about the permit process?
First you contact your local county department and ask what they require. You will need to fill out the required paperwork and a give them a set of plans. And that’s it…they will tell you what to do from there! Lead time depends on your county, how busy they are, and the scope of your project.

How many people will it take to build?
We typically build a building with 3 to 4 people and work 10 hours days (summer hours).

What kind of equipment is needed?
Basic, have to items to rent are Scissor lift (maybe two) and sometimes a forklift. Other basic needs are ladders, hammer drill, impact gun, saws-all or quarter ban, tin snips, tape measures.

Do I have to have a metal siding or a metal roof?
No. In fact, there are many options out there to customize the look you want to have. Wood, rock, hardi-plank, composition roofing just to name a few. Inform Zac what you’d like and we can customize any kit available.